Sunbeam Puppet Theater of Békéscsaba

International Puppet Festival


Address: H-5600 Békéscsaba, Andássy Street 1-3

Info:  0036/66/333261


vat number: HU16655874


Tickets can be exchanged one hour before the show at the ticket information
Information, and ticket booking on the following telephone numbers: 0036/66/333261, 0036/20/2935309, or in mail: ,
Please take the ordered tickets at least a quarter of an hour before the show
We will sell the unranked tickets.
Let’s get start exactly, please do not disturb the show with a late arrival!
Based on our experience, there are many babies on our performaces who are not big enough to visit the puppet theater. Their crying makes the actors work more difficult and disturbs other viewers. Please get help from our organizer to find the perfect puppet play for your children.
We would like to inform our guests that our performances are open to the press, they can make photos short videos from our puppet plays, and from our audience too.